Virtual Reality Helps Treat Ptsd In Soldiers | Fox News


The first versions of the virtual-reality program , called “Virtual Iraq” and “Virtual Afghanistan,” were adapted from the first-person video game “Full Spectrum Warrior,” which was released for Xbox in 2004. The program featured a wide range of combat situations, and allowed the user to tweak the time of day, the weather conditions and the wound levels of characters in the game. In addition, medical experts could insert “trigger stimuli” to mimic the original traumatic experience. Now, the researchers have developed a new virtual-reality program, called “Bravemind,” which was created using feedback from the first version and includes an expanded set of features.Tests of this early version have been positive, Rizzo said. A study funded by the Office of Naval Research used a standard exposure-therapy approach, and involved 20 military members (19 men and 1 woman) who had spent an average of eight years in active service.

Cespedes’ first homer for Red Sox is game-winner – Yahoo Sports

Freese walked on the pitch but Red Sox catcher Dan Butler threw the ball into center field, allowing Kendrick to move to third with no outs. However, De La Rosa got Navarro to fly out, then struck out Iannetta before inducing a pop out from left fielder Collin Cowgill to defuse the threat. For Farrell, De La Rosa’s composure during those early predicaments proved pivotal.–mlb.html

Daily Dose: A DL For Anibal – Yahoo Sports

Walt [Weiss, the manager] feels bad putting him in the lineup. “We made the decision, not just me making the decision, that he needs to take time off. He’s going back home. We’re going to get that ankle right. We know he’s got patella tendinitis he’s been dealing with.–mlb.html

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