Some Stores ‘right’ For Plainview – News

NBA Might Raise Age Minimum, Pay Young Stars More to Skip College – Businessweek

Aaron Farmer, newly promoted senior vice president of Retail Coach, gave a presentation to the Plainview City Council two weeks ago with a promise to provide a list of top franchise fits for Plainview. On Thursday and Friday, he provided a pair of lists to City Manager Jeffry Snyder and Chamber of Commerce Manager Linda Morris. For the past several years, Retail Coach has partnered with Plainview on its Retail Economic Development Plan, which is designed to attract retail stores to the city. As part of that partnership, Retail Coach has helped gather pivotal research about Plainview, including basic demographics, customer spending habits, average customer incomes and retail leakage. Taking that data and other factors into consideration, Retail Coach finds retail and restaurant chains that promise to be a good fit for Plainview. They then actively recruit by sending information packets to those potential retailers, businesses and developers.

As it stands, the NCAA is a no-cost venue for talent evaluation and skills development, as well as an invaluable marketing service for the NBA. Raising the age limit without changing anything else only lengthens the exploitation. What players most want is the chance to capitalize on their talents as soon as possible. The league has been able to prevent thisand protect itself from legal challenges over its labor practicesonly because current NBA players have been willing to sell out future generations, who dont have a place at the negotiating table alongside the union.

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