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15 Guys Who Failed at Home Improvement [VIDEOS] « 100.7 WZLX

The conventional wisdom of yesteryear suggested that a homes front entry door was the center of curb appeal attention. Realtors of the 1980s would commonly recommend spending extra dollars on an upscale front entrance. But today, as front doors are used less and garage doors are used more, home improvement experts recognize that a front-facing garage door commands much more impact and curb appeal than a front door that is often shrouded in shadow.

This guy who somehow has a job working in on cars: MORE FUN STUFF: WZLX on Twitter RT @ EmileeMTV : I’ve heard 0 from any of you about soccer since I was picked 3rd to last in the 2nd grade & now my feed is liiike WORLDCUP% 9hoursago Free tonight? Go see Journey & the Steve Miller band at the Xfinity Center! Here’s what you can expect at the show -> 15hoursago Slash and Myles Kennedy released their new single, “World On Fire” TODAY.

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