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3) Front door In addition to properly lighting your entrance, there is another simple and affordable update you can make to boost curb appeal and home security: a new steel front door. Doors that feature decorative glass might look nice, but they make it easy for criminals to break into your home. Give your homes facade a facelift and added security by replacing your entry door with a steel option.

Design inspiration at your fingertips: Homeowners go digital to jumpstart home improvement projects

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With an increasing amount of home remodeling projects in the works, weve also seen more homeowners turning to online resources for design guidance, says Vicki Frye, marketing communications manager of leading exterior home product manufacturer, Ply Gem . Social media and digital design tools are changing the way homeowners approach home improvement projects. People are looking to personalize their homes, but are not always sure what they want until they can visualize it.

5 Home Improvements That Boost Safety, Comfort And The Value Of Your Home – Ellwood City Ledger: Home & Garden

Value Report. To learn more, visit for educational videos, sizing calculators and more. 2) Lighting Updating lighting can have a dramatic effect on a homes aesthetic, but beauty is just one benefit of redoing light fixtures inside and out. Lights highlight architectural features plus add a safety element to the property. Properly lit paths, stairs and entranceways make it easy to navigate throughout the home.

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Bundling Straps and Hangers ; No more tripping over unsightly cords. The self-fastening Scotch Bundling Straps perfectly organize electrical cords, cables and more from becoming a tangled dangerous mess. All of those electrical cords can now be bundled easily for quick access when needed. No more mess of unsightly cords dangling behind a desk when they are neatly bundled. Hang up rope and hoses neatly bundled and ready to go.

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Power. “Conveying price and the value-add story is best accomplished by leveraging communications channels that customers prefer to use. This critical combination of being price competitive and providing superior service may help increase share of wallet and new customer growth.” The rankings of home improvement retailers for customer satisfaction are based on five performance factors: Merchandise, including availability, selection of brands available, usefulness of product information displays and variety of merchandise offered Prices Sales and promotions Staff and service, including availability, courtesy, ease of checkout, convenience of returning merchandise and knowledge Store facility, including availability of parking, cleanliness of store, convenience of store location, ease of finding merchandise and store layout and design For a whopping eighth consecutive year, Ace Hardware ranks highest in customer satisfaction , according to the survey of nearly 3,000 consumers.

Extreme Fasteners Perfect For Easy Home Improvement: Achieve A Beautiful Abode – National Interior Decorating |

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Imagine being able to repair and improve the beautiful abode without a nail, screw, hammer or drill. Scotch Brand has made home improvement projects fun, easy and quick with their new Fastening products perfect for outside extreme conditions as well as indoor improvements too. More Photos View all 12 photos Reusable closures that work even in the toughest, heavy and adverse elements of rain or a bathroom The new Scotch Brand Fasteners and Bundling Straps are crafted to take on the weight of the world. Tested and proven, the new Scotch Extreme Fasteners are super strong made to lock with three times the strength of Velcro Industrial Strength Fasteners.

Maximizing Your Home Improvement Dollar – MainStreet

Good prices drive us to our favorite home improvement retailer, but ultimately it’s a helpful staff and excellent service that keeps us coming back. And while the big box national brands may have the highest profiles, consumers favor smaller shops and a privately-held regional chain most, according to the J.D. Power 2014 Home Improvement Retailer Satisfaction Study. Related Articles Also See: Home Repair Mishaps: Victimized by a Contractor “For local home improvement retailers to remain competitive with big box retailers, they need to differentiate themselves through promotions, sales and overall pricing to help get customers in the door and then reinforce their decision to visit that store by providing an exceptional staff and service experience once they are there,” says Christina Cooley, director of home improvement industries at J.D.

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What are the signs of dry rot? March 27, 2014 Do you suspect that you have a problem with dry rot in your home? It is an issue that can cause much damage and if it isn’t taken care of promptly, it will only continue to get worse… What Can a General Contractor Do?

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With a home equity loan you are only paying on the funds you borrow not the all the equity at once. If you have a home equity line of $50,000 but only borrow $15,000 in the first year you are only paying interest on that $15,000 vs. paying on the entire $50K from the beginning. The interest is tax deductable which makes it a more attractive offer compared to using a credit card. 2) Cash out refinance – Take a lump sum as a loan and use the money for the home improvement project. Once again the interest is a tax deduction however be aware and plan for unexpected costs. It is not unheard of for construction cost to be 20% – 30% more than they were estimated to be. The last thing a homeowner wants is to be in the middle of a large renovation and run out of money. Some of the advantages to renovating are; staying in your home and your neighborhood, personalizing your home to your taste, or creating more space. By adding space to your home it can become more functional and with new windows and insulation more energy efficient. Renovating your home adds value to your home and therefore in the long run will generate more equity. How do I determine how much equity I have in my home? Subtract what you owe on your mortgage from the fair market value of your home. For example if your house is worth $200,000 and you owe $100,000 on your mortgage you have $100,000 in equity. With a loan to value maximum set at 80%. 0.80x $200,000 = $160,000 Therefore you can borrow a total of $160,000 against the home. With an existing mortgage of $100,000 you be then be able to take cash out of up to $60,000.

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Dean Henninger of Oakland, owner of D.W. Henninger Construction, left, watches Bernie Marvin, of Tracy, as he works on the foundation for a pool house in

“Most of the jobs aren’t terribly big at this point,” said Alamo contractor Howard Robbins. “It’s more like pent-up needs, like bathrooms that definitely need work and they have been holding off.” Wells Fargo and Bank of America say they’re making more home equity loans, mostly for home improvement projects. Applications for home equity lines of credit are up 75 percent at the Bank of America from the same time last year in the Bay Area, said Allen Seelenbinder, the bank’s regional sales executive. Seelenbinder said the increase in home equity loans in the first quarter of this year over the first quarter of last year largely came from Silicon Valley homeowners. Kelly Kockos, Wells Fargo senior vice president for home equity, said rising home prices and a low inventory of homes for sale have people staying put and remodeling rather than selling and moving up to a bigger home.

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The conventional wisdom of yesteryear suggested that a homes front entry door was the center of curb appeal attention. Realtors of the 1980s would commonly recommend spending extra dollars on an upscale front entrance. But today, as front doors are used less and garage doors are used more, home improvement experts recognize that a front-facing garage door commands much more impact and curb appeal than a front door that is often shrouded in shadow.

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