Knowing The Basics Before Starting Home Improvement | Ksmu

Local Startup Launches The Connecticut Home Improvement Network – Town Square – Stratford, CT Patch

Ruth also says this is the same for hiring contractors, making sure they have general liability and workers compensation insurance. General liability helps protect you if there is something damaged done on the project, and the workers compensation protects you if somebody is hurt on the project. If you hire a contractor that does not have workers comp insurance and somebody is hurt, they can come after you personally, Ruth said.

Read about making a charitable contribution from your IRA , a Danbury startup, is a national website that provides homeowners with free information about contractors in their area. TotalHousehold has a database of more than 1.3 million contractors nationwide in dozens of categories. It also has an extensive online library of home improvement information. Designed to bring the website to life, each meetup event will provide an open forum and the kind of information sharing never before possiblein addition to interacting with each other, homeowners will be able to meet with other homeowners contemplating projects and contractors will have the opportunity to network with other contractors in their area as well. The Connecticut Home Improvement Network plans to host a variety of themed events that cover specific topics such as energy efficiency, landscaping, swimming pool installation, kitchen remodeling and more.

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